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3D Elective Ultrasound Waiver and Release 

Prenatal care: I acknowledge that I have been informed by First Glance 3D that prenatal care is important to a healthy pregnancy. I further acknowledge that I should already be receiving medical care from a licensed physician both during and after my pregnancy. If I have any concerns about my pregnancy as a result of my elective ultrasound, I will immediately contact my licensed physician of my concerns and follow-up with them. Follow-up is solely and completely my responsibility. 


Concerning Prenatal Medical Care: I have been informed by First Glance 3D and agree that my elective ultrasound appointment is entirely for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES and not for medical purposes in any way. If I have any concerns regarding the medical aspects of my pregnancy, I agree that I will contact the physician managing my prenatal care in a timely manner. I will in no way rely upon any information collected or observed from my elective ultrasound appointment for medical purposes. 

No Professional Negligence Claims: I am quiring non-medical services today from First Glance 3D for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only. I agree that I have no right to recourse against First Glance 3D in any malpractice, professional negligence or any other medically related claim arising out of my elective ultrasound appointment. This includes any claim error in gender determination. 

Inherent Risks: I acknowledge that there are inherent risks in any activity involving a fetus and there are potential risks associated with the elective ultrasound. I understand that First Glance 3D follows regulating authorities' recommendations for length of scans and frequency of ultrasound waves. I hereby voluntarily assume all risk of harm and/or injury to me and/or my baby resulting from my elective ultrasound performed at or by First Glance 3D. 

Waiver and Release of Claim: I hereby waive, release, acquit and forever discharge First Glance 3D from any and all claims, expenses, demands, costs, causes of action, and other actions and liabilities of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, whether in law of equity, that I or my baby may incur out of or in any way associated with my seeking and obtaining an elective ultrasound at or by First Glance 3D. I agree that I shall have no right whatsoever to file any lawsuit or institute any other legal proceedings of any type arising out or in any way related to my elective ultrasound with First Glance 3D. 

First Glance 3D: As defined in this document. First Glance 3D shall include its owners, officers, agents, employees, independent contractors, attorneys, and all other affiliated entities associated with the production of elective ultrasound service and/or products generated at First Glance 3D. 


Media Release: I give First Glance 3D permission to post and/or use any media in the form of still images, moving images, or recorded data for advertising purposes. I understand no names will be posted or released in association with these images or videos. 

Image Quality: I understand image quality is dependent on many factors outside of the control of First Glance 3D, including maternal body type, amount of amniotic fluid, baby position and placental location. I further understand that First Glance 3D is not always able to obtain images of every baby. Subsequently, I agree that no refunds are available if gender determination or overall image is not satisfactory.  

I have read and understand all of the above. I agree to the above terms and conditions in their entirety. 

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